I'm a developer and designer.

I create websites and mobile applications for myself, Vinesauce, and the Zenith Dev Team.


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Hi, I'm Mag! I am a seventeen-year-old that designs and creates websites and apps. I am more of a front-end developer, but I can also do back-end work when necessary. I have been known to work in The Fearless Nerds, InfiniteiOS, the Mojo Dev Team, and the Zenith Dev Team. Some of the most prominent projects I have worked on are Mojo Installer, Eclipse Emu, iNoCydia/iNoJB, and iDownload Pro.

Privacy Policy
This privacy policy stays true throughout all of my personal projects/apps.

I do not take any personal data from you in any of my projects. If there is any analytical data (such as app installs and such) it will always remain 100% anonymous. As someone who is worried about my own data, I am in no state to want to take data from you as I understand the fear.